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Email Issues

It would appear that I messed up the email system with the last post. Hopefully this issue will not re-occur in the future since, I’ve added an automated check before updating the blog.

River Adventures

A lot has happened since I’ve last written anything. This doesn’t mean that it’s been boring…

Life Aboard Taleisin

It’s been a while since our last water based adventure. The reason we’ve been on land for some time is so that we can avoid being on land for some time.

What Is It With Power Boats?

I’ve been warned about this before, cruising with a schedule doesn’t work. This is more true if you’re sailing engine less. While it’s true that we have an outboard, we don’t carry that much petrol and when there’s a reasonable chop the motor is not much use.

Never Miss Another Adventure

While this is not an adventure of the nautical kind, I’ve just had an adventure adding more dynamic content to a static content only blog. If this doesn’t make sense to you don’t worry about it.

Small Adventures

When you own an adventure machine like Taleisin, there’s no shortage of adventures. After our little adventure with Taleisin in Bon Accord Harbor we talked about the situation and what could have been done better. Sure, we didn’t break anything and nobody got injured, but that d...

Rookie Mistake

With the weather turning and the anchorage getting less comfortable we decided to find a better spot. We spent the last few days carrying water back to Taleisin. We did it the hard way, we carried 20 Litre water cans back and forth for a total of 4 trips. We rowed back and forth an...

Off Grid

We’re back floating! The last couple of days have been fairly laid back, sure we did some work on Taleisin. Double checking the hull is clean, making sure everything is removed behind the rudder. She’s looking pretty sweet! While I was at it, I got Lin to supervise me replacing the Sika...

Back on the Grid

Back on the tidal grid! Since Taleisin is home and she still fits on the tidal grid at Lin’s we decided that it would be a good idea to give the bottom a clean and inspect the seacock that’s been giving me grief as of late.

Baking Bread

Today I baked a loaf of bread. Very exciting, I know. It’s been almost a week since we consumed our last bread and I’ve been promising Annie that I’d bake a loaf of bread. It’s something I used to do a few years ago so the concept is not new to me. How ever I’ve never done it all by hand wit...

Interview - Hooked on Wooden Boats

Looking at the date, 2016 is finally over. I believe a lot of people would be happy to see the back of 2016. Happy New Year, may 2017 be a good one.


Dinner Is Served

Annie prepared this magnificent meal on board Taleisin tonight. It tasted as good as it looks.

Hanging Out in North Cove

We turned in early last night, we were both absolutely exhausted. As an added bonus we slept in this morning too. It’s not like we have somewhere to be!? The plan was to move Taleisin to a mooring closer to Lin’s place.

Return to North Cove

Our original plan was to sail to North Cove yesterday. But the winds didn’t co-operate, instead we motored all day and tucked in for the night.


This might be the post most of the people following this little blog has been waiting for. Well maybe, we’re not heading off shore, but we have cast the dock lines off for the time being. We’ve got the boat provisioned and we’re out playing!

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 2016

Our recent status as wooden boat owners has opened up many new doors to interested and exciting opportunities. We are not only new to wooden boats but to boats and sailing itself. One evening after completing one of many boat tasks I gave Lin Pardey a call to share my experiences. L...

Why a 20 hp Outboard

After some discussions on forums, it became obvious that I’d have to do a follow up post on why I got a 20 hp. Honda motor.

Training Wheels

When we first bought Taleisin we considered getting an outboard mounted on the transom. We even got a boat builder out in the first couple of weeks of having her in the marina. If you’re familiar with Taleisin you’ll know that she was built and designed to hate motors. Nothing is easy wi...

Don't Pick at It, You'll Only Make It Worse

Haul out day has arrived. When we spent a day scrubbing Taleisin before we took delivery of her, Annie told me that we’ll have to haul her out and sand her down properly. As always I should just listen to Annie, but that would be far too easy, it’s a much better idea to charge off and learn ...

Guest Blog Post at the Unlikely Boat Builder

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I’ve been quite snowed under with a lot of different projects and my mind was refusing to co-operate. I was asked by John Almberg to write a guest post for his blog.

Defeated in the Marina

I’ve been contemplating posting this story for some time, clearly this is not one of my finest moments. I’ve decided to share it because other’s find it pentertaining, and it might be a cautionary tale to would be engineless sailors.

Ditching Work to Go Sailing...

So you wake up in the morning, it’s perfect weather, the wind is just enough to move the boat at a slow pace. You think to yourself, “excellent, lets to sailing”. Suddenly you realise it’s Tuesday morning and you’re supposed to be at work for meetings. So you make a decision….

Sailing in Cheeky

“Let’s go sailing in the dinghy” was the words that Annie uttered on a Saturday morning. The weather was wonderful and there was not a lot of wind. She was excited about the prospect of sailing in the dinghy. I was thinking to myself, this is huge, Annie is pushing me to go sailing. So w...

Mooring Under Sail

We got up early today to go sailing on Taleisin! We loaded the car with our inflatable training wheels and made our way to the dock. We started going through the motions of assembling the ducky to transport us out to Taleisin. The reason we had to get up early was to make our way o...

Windlass spring

This might seem like a strange post. In fact it is. I was contacted by John, who needed to know the dimensions of a particular spring in Taleisin’s Windlass. He’s got the same Windlass and the spring is in pieces. I figured that I’d post this as it just might come in handy for someone else i...


Moving Day...

We woke up in the morning, I said to Annie “if we’re going to move Taleisin today, we better get going. Not much wind but it will pick up later today”. You might wonder, move Taleisin where? Taleisin has been sitting snugly in the marina all winter, as you might imagine getting an 8 ...

Ghetto Depth Sounder

Learning to sail a boat like Taleisin is challenging at best, learning to sail on a boat like Taleisin takes things up a notch! Training wheels! That’s what we need! While Taleisin has got a perfectly good lead line on board (still functioning as well as the day the Pardeys installed...

Sailing Taleisin for the First Time

This story begins early the previous morning. We had to drive 1 hour to Sandspit to catch the ferry which would drop us off on the Pardey's jetty. Once we got there we rowed out to Taleisin like we have done a few times in the past. We loaded our personal belongings onto Taleisin, only wh...