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Recent Adventures

Life Aboard Taleisin

It’s been a while since our last water based adventure. The reason we’ve been on land for some time is so that we can avoid being on land for some time.

What Is It With Power Boats?

I’ve been warned about this before, cruising with a schedule doesn’t work. This is more true if you’re sailing engine less. While it’s true that we have an outboard, we don’t carry that much petrol and when there’s a reasonable chop the motor is not much use.

Never Miss Another Adventure

While this is not an adventure of the nautical kind, I’ve just had an adventure adding more dynamic content to a static content only blog. If this doesn’t make sense to you don’t worry about it.

Small Adventures

When you own an adventure machine like Taleisin, there’s no shortage of adventures. After our little adventure with Taleisin in Bon Accord Harbor we talked about the situation and what could have been done better. Sure, we didn’t break anything and nobody got injured, but that d...

Rookie Mistake

With the weather turning and the anchorage getting less comfortable we decided to find a better spot. We spent the last few days carrying water back to Taleisin. We did it the hard way, we carried 20 Litre water cans back and forth for a total of 4 trips. We rowed back and forth an...