About Taleisin


Taleisin was designed by Lyle Hess for Lin and Larry Pardey. She was launched sometime in 1983. All of the details are explained in numerous books written by Lin and Larry.

The bottom line is that Taleisin is a very well found vessel, we love her very much!

If you’d like to learn more about the details of her construction get a copy of Larry’s book here. The detail is incredible and it’s such a nice book to flick through and look at the many many pictures.

If you want to know more about the story being building Taleisin I’d suggest Lin’s book Bull Canyon.

Personally I learnt so much about Taleisin reading these books:

I also watched these DVD’s over and over:

While it might seem that there’s a lot of overlap between books and DVD’s I’ve read all of them and watched all of them more than once. There’s a lot of details about Taleisin in all and it was certainly worth while reading the books and watching the DVD’s. Personally I read the books with the point of view that they are owner’s manuals for Taleisin. Watching the DVD’s was more about getting a tour of Taleisin before I set foot on her, but the amount of information about Taleisin in them is invaluable.

I can’t possibly replicate the amount of information about Taleisin here that you can find in those books and DVD’s. Taleisin might be one of the few home built wooden boats with owner’s manuals as detailed as this. I’m not sure if production boats come with as much written material as this little vessel.