Back on the Grid

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Back on the tidal grid! Since Taleisin is home and she still fits on the tidal grid at Lin’s we decided that it would be a good idea to give the bottom a clean and inspect the seacock that’s been giving me grief as of late.


We got the motor going and took Taleisin for a trip around the bay, mostly because the wind was blowing and we weren’t comfortable taking the direct route. We navigated our way through all the moored boats and slowly made our way to the jetty.

I followed Larry’s advice: “Don’t go any faster than you’re willing to hit something”. We came into the dock very slow and Annie climbed off and grabbed the stern line. I had already placed the motor in neutral and got ready to hop off to grab the bow line. Then we heard a loud crack. Whoops, something must have gone wrong!

One of the fenders got caught on one of the cross braces and it snapped the end off where the nail went through. As a consequence I’ve now got to fix Lin’s jetty. It was a case of just putting enough pressure on just the right spot. Luckily Lin wasn’t upset with us so once we fix it, it will be all good again.

We walked Taleisin onto the grid and Lin came to double check that we got everything just right. Then it was time to wait for the tide to go out.

We were invited to a BBQ at 5pm and low tide was at 5pm. So not wasting any time, I just got to the task as soon as I could wade into the water and give her a good scrub down. It was a lot easier this time. There was no tears and we got the job done before 5pm.

Back on the grid

I also took the seacock apart. I gave it a clean and discovered that the internal bronze tube has corroded away. This is not critical to keeping the system sealed up, but I will attempt to manufacture a replacement for it.

Back on the grid

The hospitality in North Cove is still great, we had another great evening with the locals. Today we’re heading to the main land with Lin, hopefully we can get rid of some of our trash and re-supply some fresh food.


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