Where are you?

We’re experimenting with new technology aboard Taleisin. After a passage we won’t forget anytime soon, we decided to get some technology to allow us to get weather forecasts while out at sea. As a bonus we get this nifty tracking feature.

While we hope this will be a fun addition we have to stress that technology is far from perfect. As we have already experienced, it’s possible to damage our solar panels out there and be unable to charge our technology. This does not mean that we cannot keep sailing and navigate safely. So in the event that the tracker stops working, the simplest answer is generally the correct answer: We’re not able to charge it for some or other reason. In the event that something does go horribly wrong we have at least 5 different ways of calling for rescue aboard and we’ll active one or more beacons at that time if required. The absolute last thing we want this page to do is cause people to worry about us (it wouldn’t do us or you any good regardless). So please enjoy this at face value and remember that technology can and will fail, it doesn’t mean the boat has sunk!

If you want a larger view click here.

If power consumption becomes an issue for us we’ll scale back our tracking frequency to only update when we get a new weather update. This could be one or more days apart depending on what we’re dealing with out there.