Changes and a New Way to Keep Up With Us

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I’m experiencing Deja Vu, not that long ago I broke the email system. Today I received another email about it not working correctly. I do apologise for this! I’ve added some more checks and controls to avoid this happening.

If you’ve received an empty email you can click through to the website and find the last update in the archive section.

Since I was making changes to the blogging system I decided to add a few things.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the site got a bit of a facelift. Hopefully you like it, let us know in the comments.

We’ve created a new Facebook page which will give you another way to follow us. If you’re a Facebook user, Annie is in charge of this page so you can interact with her directly via the Facebook page.

The other change is the Patreon button. This one might be a bit controversial, so we thought it best to address that on this new page here. We don’t want this to distract from the blog and we’re certainly not asking our readers for money. We’re treating it as a motivation jar. If readers want to contribute to it to motivate us to write more regularly, we’ll respond accordingly. If reader chose not to do so, we’ll keep carrying on the way we’ve been since we started this little blog.

We want to be clear for the record. We do not want to turn this into a job. If we want another job, we’ll go out and get jobs. Treat it like you would treat a musician on the street, you’re free to listen as long as you want. Dropping some spare change in the hat is optional.


Some users have asked to be emailed when we post a new adventure. We have a simple solution for this, for those who wish to receive email updates you can subscribe to our mailing list below.

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