Dinner Is Served

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Annie prepared this magnificent meal on board Taleisin tonight. It tasted as good as it looks.

Dinner is served

After a bit of trial and error we figured out how to use the oven aboard Taleisin. We did of course have the benefit of being on a mooring just a short row from Lin’s door step. Lin is always very helpful and knows everything about anything aboard Taleisin.

We’ve been having a great time in North Cove. Lin invited us over for dinner along with the family on the French yacht next to us. Lin served what could only be described as the best salmon I’ve ever had. Everything is always lovely when you’re over for dinner at the Pardey’s. The company is good and the food is always excellent!

We’ve had plenty of people come along side Taleisin for a closer look. They are always very friendly and pleasant to have a chat to. We’ve been invited twice already to go visit some friends along one of the beaches. We feel a little guilty as we’ve been so lazy that we haven’t made it there yet. To be honest we’re probably just so exhausted from the rat race that we’re in need of all the sleep we’ve been catching up on.

Earlier today we decided to move to the correct mooring. Annie suggested that we warp onto the mooring as it’s close by and it would be easier to put backup plans in place, than to start up the outboard. The added bonus is that it would be quiet and, not disturb any of the boats around us.

Annie decided that she would row the warp out. We attached a warp to the old mooring and to the stren, the warp Annie rowed out was attached to the bow. This configuration allowed us to prevent Taleisin from swinging into other boats, we could control her speed by breaking with the stern line on a winch, and most of all we never lost control of her. We worked together to keep Taleisin running nicely along the two lines and gently glided her into place on the correct mooring. It was fun and we’ve had lots of practice at it already so we probably didn’t look too terrible doing it. We’ve even had some kind comments about it from the other sailors.

Among the other small jobs I’ve been doing on Taleisin I replaced the last 2 halyards, she’s looking quite fresh with the majority of the lines replaced. Doing one or two a day really adds up quickly. Replacing the lifelines will take quite a bit of effort as it involves the jib net and sewing leather anti-chafing onto the lines where they go through the stanchions.

All in good time, it doesn’t feel like work as it’s quite enjoyable to do. I think the key is to slowly chip away at these jobs and everything just becomes manageable. Maintenance is a lot less of a chore when you’re already on the boat, it seems to just happen as a matter of course. When you see something small that needs doing, you just do it.

So far cruising seems to be great! We’re loving it and most importantly we’re still talking to each other!


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