Why Patreon?

We thought we’d explain our reasons for adding Patreon.

Firstly, lets be clear, this is not about asking our readers for money. We do not want another job, we can always go back to work if we wanted that.

This is about motivating us to write more consistently and publish regularly. If you’re happy with the way we’re creating posts, we’re quite happy for you to ignore Patreon. If how ever, you’d like to motivate us to write more regularly and publish on a regular basis… You can use this mechanism to motivate us to do so.

While we do enjoy the process of writing, it seems to get neglected when we’re too busy having fun or dealing with life. We don’t anticipate people wanting to put huge amounts of money in our motivation jar. If you feel the need to add some spare change to the jar, we thank you for the consideration. All funds will go towards hosting this blog, once that’s covered we’ll put all funds towards maintaining Taleisin. Since we do all the work ourselves it will go towards buying varnish, paint and sandpaper. We doubt that we’ll have more money left over after that, but if that was to happen we’ll come up with some worthwhile cause to contribute it towards.

Thanks for looking further into this.

The way Patreon operates is that every time we write a blog post that we consider is worthy of the motivation jar we can post it on Patreon and Patrons will get charged accordingly. This means if we write silly little updates there will be no charge, only posts that takes effort to write will be worthy of this treatment. You can also set a budget so that you’ll never get charged more than you’re willing to contribute in a month. This mechanism safe guards you against us doing silly things like writing 200 posts in a month.

Currently we’ve chosen to accept payments per post as it serves as a motivating factor. We think this will work the best otherwise the motivation wont be there with a monthly contribution…

If you’re interested in adding some spare change click on the orange button to become a patron. You can chose to stop when ever you want, we won’t take it personally. If you chose not to become a patron, we won’t take that personal either. Thanks for reading!

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