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Our original plan was to sail to North Cove yesterday. But the winds didn’t co-operate, instead we motored all day and tucked in for the night.

So, it turns out that it was quite a bouncy anchorage, easily corrected with a snubber off the bowsprit. Whilst this didn’t stop the bounce it made it more than habitable.

This morning I said to Annie, “I want to sail off the anchor!”. We had the motor in neutral, just in case. I prepared Taleisin for sailing while Annie cooked breakfast. After we finished eating and putting Taleisin in order down below we winched in the anchor until we were just about ready to lift it. We hoisted the stays’l. Annie grabbed the tiller and when the anchor was up she sheeted in the stays’l. We were off without a hitch! I hoisted the main and the jib while Annie slowly sailed us out of the anchorage. It was a nice start to the day.

The winds were much better today. We managed to sail reasonably smoothly all day. Slight bit of chop out in the open water but nothing like we experienced when we sailed Taleisin to Westhaven the very firs time.

As we approached North Cove a little speed boat zoomed right in front of our bow, I was wondering why they were zooming by so close and then I realised it was Lin in Jay Dee. Lin took some photos of us as we sailed Taleisin into the cove.

We motored around looking for a spot to anchor. I picked a spot that I thought look good. We dropped the anchor. Then Annie said, I think we’re dragging! Ok no problem, we’ll try again. Winch the anchor in and motor around for a second try.

We try it again and same problem again! Ok so this time we weighed the anchor and went further out than I would have liked. We found a spot of clear water so we can have lots of room. I drop the anchor. This time I’m not messing around we put 35 fathoms of chain out! Now we’re holding.

Lin did come by and offer us a mooring that’s available. I suggested that we move but Annie thought that 3 attempts at anchoring was enough excitement for one day. Fair enough I figured! We can try to pick up the mooring in the morning when we have time for more adventure.

Annie cooked us a lovely dinner and we’re just settling in for the night.

Here’s some photos of North Cove, Taleisin hasn’t been home in some time…

North cove

North cove


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