Windlass spring

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This might seem like a strange post. In fact it is. I was contacted by John, who needed to know the dimensions of a particular spring in Taleisin’s Windlass. He’s got the same Windlass and the spring is in pieces. I figured that I’d post this as it just might come in handy for someone else in the future.

First up, here’s the plastic pieces.


From what I’ve read the strength of a spring is determined by:

  1. Wire diameter
  2. Outer diameter
  3. Free Length (length of spring)
  4. Number of total coils

Wire diameter: 0.7 mm


Outer diameter: 5mm


Free length: 39.9mm


I counted 57 coils, also 39.9 / 0.7 = 57

I also measured the ends: 26.4mm (but this might be a little bit off as I didn’t remove the screw).


Here’s a calculator that might be of use: Calculator - external link

Estimate of length inside “hooks” 92.360 mm.

If you need more accuracy, let me know, and I’ll take screws out and measure it correctly.


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